The Philosophy of Thelema

Dedicated to Soror Hecate for her unflagging support and encouragement for my projects within the O.T.O.

Sutekh Khem 210

Thelema is the Greek word for Will, the philosophy of Thelema therefore is the philosophy of the Will.

Thelema is not a belief system or a religion it is based on knowledge not faith, it is a way of life that is why it is called a philosophy.

The philosophy of Thelema in its present form was defined by one man Aleister Crowley. Crowley summed up Thelema in 11 words: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". He defined the Law by expressing it thus: "Love is the Law, Love under Will". By love Crowley was not referring to sentimentality or romanticised love but Agape the divine love where two things come together to create a third.

What is meant by the word Will; your true Will is to be who you truly are in all circumstances; in thought, in word, in deed; this is why Crowley once said it is the strictest of disciplines to be a Thelemite because family, friends, society, civil authority, government all want us to conform to what they think is right - to stand alone, to be individual, to know your right for you takes great moral strength and courage.

Thelema is based, as I have written, on knowledge, Self-knowledge. The Self can be viewed in a dualistic way, the active part DO-ing and the passive part BE-ing.

DO-ing creates the BE-ing, BE-ing creates the DO-ing; our actions define us.

When there is no conflict between thought and word and deed there is true Will; it is the expression of Self through the personality into the physical world.

The true Will is the Self, the Self is not some point inside; the Self is the process of expression for expression is the art of Self manifestation - the practice of Thelema.

Every intentional responsible act is a Thelemic one, every unintentional reactive act is not.

Only intensive self examination will reveal who we truly are and what course of action is necessary for us to fulfill our true Will.