The Aeons

An Aeon is a period of time, its length is indeterminate in the sense that it does not rely on external circumstances to measure it, as astrology does using the stars.

The Aeons are about the past, the present, the future and the evolution of humanities spirituality.

What determines the length of an Aeon is human evolutionary development in consciousness. When our knowledge and understanding of the Universe and or our ourselves is sufficiently expanded that it changes our perceptions and practices radically then an Aeon has ended and a new one begun; this process is known as the "Equinox of the Gods" and is on a macrocosmic level, on a microcosmic level an "equinox of the gods" occurs each time each time an initiation is experienced by the individual.

On a mundane level the Aeons are successional but on a consciousness level we live in the Aeon we project around us, by what we hold to be true. In other words we may live in one Aeon physically but in another consciously.

At each Equinox of the Gods a new spiritual revelation is received.

To explain and define the Aeons; analogy, metaphor, myth, history and faction (fact illustrated by fiction) shall be used. All time lines are approximate.

Aeon I

The first Aeon was in pre-human history because of this it has been called the Nameless Aeon and was the longest Aeon.

It started when the Earth was "formless and void" and finished with the "birth" of Homo Sapiens about 200,000 years ago.

This Aeon is also known as the Aeon of Besz, after the Egyptian god who protects women in pregnancy and childbirth; as this Aeon covers the time of the "gestation and birth" of humanity.

Aeon II

The second Aeon has been named the Aeon of Isis, after the Great Mother Goddess.

This Aeon covers the "Hunter-Gatherer" period of humanities existence it was a time when humanity perceived life as spontaneously generating from the Earth and from the females of the species; it was observed that both nurtured their offspring from their own bodies. The Mother gave life, the Earth was Mother, the Creator was female, was Goddess; it was a matriarchal age, one which was about and dealt with the Mysteries of Life.

Aeon III

The third Aeon has been named after the Father God, Osiris; due to the discovery that the male was necessary for the conception of new life, the female, the Goddess was relegated from her place of supremacy to that of first among equals, to equal and in western society almost obliterated, except for the Virgin Mary.

The Sun was perceived as God; as when the Sun shone the crops grew, when Winter came and the Sun 'disappeared', the Earth land lay barren and bare.

This Aeon was the time when the tribes started to settle and became less nomadic no longer following the herds, they had discovered and developed agriculture which led to settlements and villages, through the centuries to towns and cities.

Yet the Aeon of Osiris was much more than this; the Mysteries of Life had been explained but what of the Mysteries of Death.

As the focus was on God and the Sun was God where did the Sun go each night when it 'set'. Why did it become extinct at Winter tide, yet it returned, came back to 'life' once more. This was the origin of the dead and the resurrected gods, the belief in reincarnation and the sacrifice of the Priest-Kings.

Osiris, Attis, Mithras, Jesus, Baal, Tammuz, Dionysus, Adonis, all gods of this nature. Phallic gods, for they rose in power, giving their life sacrificially and by 'dying' gave life, and rose again; as does the Human Penis.

This Aeons end was heralded in, in 1904 c.e. when The Book of the Law was received by the prophet Aleister Crowley.


As can be seen from examining the last two Aeons, veneration of the human genitalia and reproductive systems and observations of the Universe around us contributed to our creation of the gods and goddesses, even if not all conclusions were accurate.

As our understanding of ourselves and the Universe was developed, evolved and formed, our conception of our gods has become more complex in some ways, simpler in others e.g. Nuit and Hadit, Goddess and God, our Space and Motion; simple concept to understand, complex their working, their nature and science.

Aeon IV

The fourth Aeon is named after the Son of Isis and Osiris, Horus. The Aeon of Horus is the Aeon we are physically living in, in the 21st Centrury c.e. this is the adolescence or teenage years for the human spirit, it is a time of questioning and rebellion. No longer should we bow our heads to humanities gods but only follow our individual True Will. We are to judge for ourselves what is beneficial for us and what is not.

This Aeon is one of analysis, where the old laws, rules and traditions are analysed; found wanting in many cases and where found wanting discarded and disregarded, consigned to history, leaving only that which is healthy; like a rose bush that has been pruned. Society as a whole has to go through this process as does each individual human being. The majority go through this process unconsciously, on the other hand the Thelemite works with the process consciously and speeds up their personal spiritual evolution and those around them by the way they have chosen to live. The Thelemite is the yeast in the bread, as the yeast raises the bread so the Thelemite raises the Human Spirit.

The Thelemite is one who had adopted the Philosophy of Thelema to live their life by. Thelema was first given literary form, when Aleister Crowley received the first of the Holy Books of Thelema, The Book of The Law. The Equinox of the Gods and the beginning of the Aeon of Horus was formally acknowledged when Crowley performed the rite known as the Supreme Invocation of Horus on the 20th March 1904 c.e.

Aeon V

The fifth Aeon has been named after the Egyptian Goddess Maat she who holds the Scales of Truth and Justice. It is the time of the maturation or adulthood of the Human Spirit.

MAAT-uration as a process.

It is an Aeon of Synthesis, of building upon the foundations laid by the Aeon of Horus. It promotes harmony and balance and expansion of positive human expression, true civilisation.

Yet humanity can choose 'the Dark over the Light' it is the promotion of Thelema which may steer us through the dark ages we now live in; into the light of a new dawn for humanity

Aeon VI

The sixth Aeon has been named after the Egyptian God of Silence, Harpocrates, for it is a/the Wordless Aeon and for this reason I write no more.

Soror Mysteria

Anno 104

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Postscript: If humanity chooses unwisely; then following the Aeon of Horus, the Aeon of Set, Lord of Destruction will be manifested. I need write no more... For now.