An Initiated Comment on Liber Oz

by Fra. Sutekh Khem 210

In 1941e.v. the Prophet of Thelema, Aleister Crowley, composed a 220 word manifesto called Liber Oz; he was sixty six years old at the time, he was to die six years later.

There is a significance to the manifesto being 220 words long; it is the  number of verses in Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law (Liber ccxx), which advocates the philosophy of Thelema which Crowley received in Cairo in April 1904e.v. from his Holy Guardian Angel, Aiwass.

This manifesto was intended to reach the 'ordinary people' to inform them of their basic human rights as individuals and to promote the Law of Thelema to the masses.

Oz (A'AIN, ZAYIN- an Eye, a Sword) Using Gematria gives us the number 77. Other words which enumerate to 77 are:-

Influence from Kether


A he-goat


Towers and Citadels etc.

(Source 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley)

A little meditation on these words and concepts can be most enlightening and are here included for the reader to reach their own conclusions; it will also give insight into Crowley's thinking at the time.

On reading Liber Oz one has to take into consideration the language used in the mid and 20th Century. The use of the word 'man' for example was not meant as a misogynistic use of the word but a generic one. The word man and mankind at that time encompassed both men and women, today he (Crowley) might have used the words human, humanity or humankind instead in his writings.

No one would think of changing the language of Shakespeare, so why Crowley; it is with this in mind that if a person cannot get beyond mere words, then they will probably not be able to grasp the meaning underlying them, for some this may be the first psychological hurdle to overcome before being able to receive the Law of Thelema.

Here are a few definitions of words used in Liber Oz which are my own they are not meant to interpret Thelema but assist with starting trains of thought:-

Strong - any who take responsibility for themselves and adopt the Law of Thelema, in short do their Will, Thelemites.

Star - refers to each person having their own unique course/orbit which is their True Will.

Kill - does not necessarily refer to homicide, although it obviously can. You can kill a thought, an opinion, another influence etc. See to kill in the broadest sense of the term.

Slaves - any who chose not to take responsibility for their own lives, thus rejecting the Law of Thelema and not doing their True Will.

Love - when two things come together they make a third e.g. a man and a woman create a child; an artist and paints, a picture; a car and a driver, a journey; two people, a conversation etc.

'...We have sought to reveal the Arcanum; we have only profaned it.'

(Liber LXl Vel Causae, History Lection Verse 24)