The Circle

The Ring-Pass-Not

No Beginning no End

 All things being Equal

The Circle that is cast in the material world is a pale reflection of the one constructed on the inner world.

The Casting of the Circle on the material plane; casts the circle on the inner plane and Vice Versa.

The circle is constructed as a foundation of No-thingness, thus zero is its number. It is the boundary where any alien thoughts may not pass and so the work within the Circle is kept "pure". It focuses the concentration on the work at hand and on no other.

Everything about and within the circle points to this work, all colours, perfumes, numbers, metals, invocations, evocations etc.

The Circle is a timeless place of no interruption. The relativity of time is often shown within the Circle, for but a brief moment may appeared to have elapsed yet an hour or two may have passed during ritual.


Soror Nox






I am a god of God

A Wise god

An understanding god

(A Knowledgeable god)

A Merciful god

A Harsh god

A Beautiful god

A Victorious god

A Glorious god

A Firm god

A Kingly god


11 is the Number of Magick, of the 5 and of the 6.


Frater P-o.